What I Learned in 2020

Last year on New Year’s Eve I was in New York City, clinking glasses at Taberna 97 with dear friends and kissing what at the time seemed like a tumultuous 2019 goodbye. I look back on that night with almost alarming desperation. I don’t know if it’s because I want to relive those few days over and over again in ignorant bliss, or if I want to swoop in and shake sense into my past self, warning of the months ahead…

Despite everything, I know 2020 has changed our world for the better. Some days I feel more certain about it than others, but it’s impossible to deny how much we’ve learned in the past year, and how incredible the fact that we all went through it together. Every single one of us.

Something I must quickly acknowledge is that 2020 was far, far from the worst year of my life. And that, I know, is an incredible privilege. I postponed a wedding, and have barely seen my dearest friends, but a lot of good things happened as well. I actually started a new job, made more money than I’ve earned in a while, and even moved to a nicer apartment. A lot of that has to do with the country I live in. It’s hard to imagine I’d have had the same opportunities outside of Canada, and I’m extremely grateful for the systems we have in place.

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for the front line workers across the globe who worked so hard this year. I am always so humbled when I think of the individuals who risk their lives every day for the sake of others.

This year has taught me so much, and it has reminded me once again that learning never stops, and the little things mean a lot. I have relished the small moments, the cups of coffee, the laughter, the glowing sunsets, the joy in the mundane. It sounds awfully romantic and it is. What an incredible pleasure it is to be alive, to be healthy, to be surrounded by loved ones even if they can only be reached through a computer screen.

Here’s to new beginnings. Happy 2021!


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  1. January 10, 2021 / 5:35 PM

    Deanna and I miss you! Here’s to hopefully seeing you more this year! 🍾

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