How to Throw a Galentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day is great, but we all know there’s no love quite like the one you share with your girlfriends. It took Nick about a year and a half to realize that me bursting into laughter mere moments after crying my eyes out (and vice versa) doesn’t necessarily mean disaster. My girlfriends know me so well, we can convey the deepest sentiments with a passing glance (or a desperate, eye-popping, “please-understand-what-I’m-telling-you” stare down à la Kristen Wiig in the toasting scene from Bridesmaids).

Today I’m sharing the Galentine’s Weekend Getaway I planned for a few of my besties. Whether you’re doing a weekend away, a fancy brunch, or just a casual night in, I’ve outlined some ideas to make your Galentine’s Party a success.

This may or may not be a promo shot for a new Netflix series.


Do not underestimate Dollarama in this situation. I found plenty of cute props and accessories for super cheap. And because I wanted to be all DIY about it, I bought cardstock and a glue gun, and downloaded a couple of printables so I could create my own heart garlands. Pinterest is key for this sort of thing. Also a bottle of wine for the hours spent cutting out paper hearts by hand (I may have overestimated my abilities). Heart shaped balloons were gifted to me by T.O. Balloons and I highly recommend them! They’re freaking adorable and after a week they’re showing no signs of deflating. And if you find yourself thinking, are pink boas too much? I can promise you they’re not. 

Have a Photoshoot

Grab your dollar store and DIY props, set up a backdrop, and snap some photos of each other! You can take turns, set up a timer, or take selfies. Polaroids are always a great idea, and you definitely want to put on a playlist to set the mood – some of my favourite girl power playlists on Google Play are All Hail the Queens, Hairbrush Karaoke, In-Vogue Indie Pop, Witchy Grrrl Pop, and 00’s Pop Divas. Also, just throwing it out there, Robyn’s latest album Honey is amazing.

A girl’s weekend wouldn’t be complete without pink feather boas.

Snacks, Snacks, and More Snacks

Heart shaped pizzas, frosted cookies, Hershey’s Kisses, champagne gummies, cute cocktails or mocktails, and an endless supply of pretzels are all very necessary for a Galentine’s Party. Spit up food assignments by asking each friend to bring a snack and/or drink of their choice. We baked cupcakes and unfortunately I only had popover tins available, so they came out a little wonky. The joke is that each one is unique, just like my friends. D’awww. XOXO Wines also generously gifted us some of their yummy rosé, which I totally meant to garnish with cotton candy, but alas, I failed.

You can never have too much rosé at a Galentine’s Day Party.

Get Creative

I think an awesome party feature is a “Make-Your-Own” bar. Whether it’s pizzas, waffles, cocktails, hot cocoa, or cupcakes, set up a station with everything you need to make your own blank, and go wild. You could do this for flowers crowns or t-shirts as well, whatever you think you and your friends would have fun creating.

Get Cozy

Sometimes I forget how great it is to get into comfy clothes and toss on one of your favourite movies. We watched Easy A, The House Bunny, and Bridesmaids and laughed our pajama bottoms off while eating copious amount of popcorn. Watching old favourites is more of an interactive movie-watching experience since you already know the story line well, leaving room to crack jokes, quote the movie, and chat over top of it. Add a face mask and hot cocoa to the mix and you’ve got the perfect Galentine’s night in.

Get Outside

Since the winter usually starts to get me down come February, I think it’s a great idea to also try and enjoy the weather during your Galentine’s Party. Depending on what kind of event you’re throwing, there are a lot of options. A weekend away in Collingwood like ours could include skiing, snowboarding, or snow tubing. We were fortunate enough to get in some hot tub and fire pit action as well (if someone’s parents own a hot tub, get on that – or in that, rather). If you don’t plan on leaving town, take your gals skating, or do something as simple as building a snowman or going for a walk to get coffee.

Ultimately, your girlfriends are going to have fun no matter what. That’s why you love them! So don’t stress, and just get together to have a silly time.

I would love to know if you plan on celebrating Galentine’s with your girls! What’s one thing you consider a Galentine’s essential?


Thank you to Danielle, Jessica, and Mollie for helping me with this shoot, and for being the best friends a gal could ask for. Also to my hashtag Instagram fiancé Nick, for being our hype man and taking all these glorious photos. And especially Nick’s parents Lisa & Lou for always allowing us to get debaucherous in their beautiful home. 🙂


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